This sections describes some of the steps you can take to protect yourself 
  • Report it to the Police
  • Alert friends, family, tutors a University  
  • Carry a personal attack alarm (Download the Hollie Guard App) 
  • Changing times/routes to work/college/University if possible 
  • Ensure or adjust privacy settings on electronic devices, change passwords regularly 
  • Remove geotagging facilities and ask friends not to tag you in photographs on social media, etc. 
  • Keep shared information safe and ask friends to do the same. 
  • Remove personal items when on a video call and be aware of what others can see in the background e.g. photos, posters etc 
  • Cease contact with person and their friend
Start gathering evidence of what is happening 
  • Record the date and time of each incident in a diary 
  • Describe in detail exactly what happened and how it happened: 
    • who did it and how do you know who they are? 
    • what exactly did you see and hear? 
    • what was said to you and by whom? 
    • was damage caused? If so what and how? 
    • how did it make you feel (emotional, angry, upset,  frightened etc.) 
  • Did anyone else witness the incident/behaviour? If they did, note their name, address and telephone number 
  • Keep phone texts, relevant letters, video/photographs, objects used in incidents 

There are two ways you can tell us what happened