You may be feeling bogged down or burnt out from working so much, so down below are some links to various forums and websites that will give you advice on how to maintain your mental health as well as helping you practice self-care (no matter how small these things may be, if they help you then keep at it).
Please note that Staffordshire University is not responsible for the quality, accuracy or effectiveness of the services, information or advice provided by organisations external to the University.

- A forum for anyone and everyone to speak about any issues they may be having with no judgement, this service also offers you the chance to be anonymous.

NHS 5 steps to better mental well being:
- A link that leads to NHS advice to steps to take to help ease the strain of mental wellbeing but of course with-it being NHS they are both trustworthy officials and advise readers to call their GP if they get any worse.

North Staffs Mind:
- North Staffs Mind is a mental health charity providing services of advice and support for anyone within North Staffordshire and the surrounding areas.

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