How to contact the team

There are a number of ways to access our service but in the first instance we would always recommend completing the online contact form (this allows us to ensure you see the most appropriate practitioner).  

You can access the online contact form here

Tel: 01782 294976 

For more information about the Student Wellbeing and Safeguarding Team and for a comprehensive list of online resources and other service providers go to 
Appointments available: Monday to Friday – 9am- 7pm, via Microsoft Teams, Telephone and in person 
24/7 online support via Togetherall  

About the Student Wellbeing and Safeguarding Team 

The Student Wellbeing and Safeguarding Team is a multi-disciplinary team dedicated to supporting students with any mental health and wellbeing concerns. We provide a non-judgemental service helping you find ways of managing or overcoming your difficulties, enabling you to focus on your studies and enjoy your time here at Staffordshire University. 
All of our support is offered using evidence based One At A Time (OAAT) or Single Session Therapy (SST) models. This means that when you access our service, you will be offered a single appointment initially, where your most immediate concerns will be discussed and addressed, but on the understanding that further support is available as you require this support.  The team is made up of Wellbeing Intervention Practitioners and Mental Health Practitioners.  

Wellbeing Intervention Practitioners 

Our Wellbeing Intervention Practitioners are extremely experienced and are able to provide a wide range of support.  
  • They can offer general advice and information about mental wellbeing and what help is available 
  • Emotional support through periods of distress; signposting to appropriate services outside the university many of which we work with in close partnership 
  • Liaise with Departments and/or Halls to have mental health issues taken into consideration and support during and after hospital admission/break from studies.  
  • Wellbeing Intervention Practitioners are also trained to deliver more specialised interventions such as Psychoeducation; Brief Solution Focussed Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and a variety of Cognitive Behavioural techniques all of which can be delivered on a One At A Time basis.  
Mental Health Practitioners 

Our Mental Health Practitioners come from a variety of professional backgrounds and we currently have 2 qualified BACP Counsellors, a Mental Health Nurse and a Mental Health Social Worker on the team. 
  • They are able to support students with more complex presentations and do so by employing a range of interventions that can either be delivered on a One At A Time basis or in a more structured way.  
  • They can also carry out mental health assessments and refer students on to appropriate NHS services when necessary.  
  • All of our team are experienced in running support groups and workshops, for example mindfulness groups and anxiety management groups, and we intend to offer these to all students. We are also able to signpost students to support groups and services outside the university.  
  • Our service, is not designed to replace services available on the NHS and there may be times when, for example, a student’s presentation is very complex or high risk or a specific therapy/treatment is required that falls outside the scope of the support we can provide. In such cases we will refer you to the appropriate service and will be able to support you through that process. 
  • We supervise and manage our Student Wellbeing Peer Mentors 
  • We offer a weekly Wellbeing Café supported by our Peer Mentors  (students supporting students) 


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