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Fraud and scams is a criminal activity committed by those acting in a deceitful way.  There are many types of fraud/scams  but all have the same principles, with the intention of all of them is to gain access to your money.  People behind  fraud/scams  will use different methods to get you to reveal your personal details, steal your information or persuade you to pay them cash.  Fraud/scams  can seem credible, for example it may appear that emails are from your bank 

it is important to recognise potential  fraud/scams  so that you are able to protect yourself. If you do become a victim then it is important that you take action - don't be embarrassed, remember the people behind fraud/scams  are purposely trying to get hold of your money and can be extremely persuasive and creative in developing ways to access your money.

Indicators of fraud/scams :
  • unexpected or unsolicitied calls about your pension
  • check email sender address - if it contains random numbers or is mispelt it may be a scam
  • it sounds to good to be true
  • request for personal detail such as a PIN - no legitimate company would ask for this 
  • being pushed to make a quick decision 
  • competitions that you didn't enter 
  • reccorded voice when you answer the phone 
There are currently a number of scams related to covid-19 

There are two ways you can tell us what happened