We believe Stalking is never okay and has no place within the Staffordshire University community. Staffordshire University is committed to promoting a safe and supportive environment for each and every member of our community. 

Stalking is not currently legally defined in the UK, however this is taken very seriously and can occur in a number of ways. There are many types of activity that are considered to be stalking such as: 
  • Following a person 
  • Contacting/attempting to contact by any means 
  • Monitoring a person’s use of the internet, mail or any form of electronic communication 
  • Loitering in any place (whether public or private) 
  • Interfering with someone’s property 
  • Watching or spying on a person 
Harassment is conduct which harasses causes alarm to another person or which causes the person distress. 
  • Frequent, unwanted contact e.g. visits, phone calls, texts, letters, emails, via social media, gifts 
  • Driving past the person's home/workplace
  • Following/watching 
  • Burglary/robbery of the person's home workplace/vehicle 
  • Threats to harm the person and/or others associated with them (including sexual violence and threats to kill) 
  • Damaging  property 
  • Harassment of people associated with the person (e.g. family members/partner/work colleagues) 
What is the difference between Stalking and Harassment?
  • There is clearly a crossover with Stalking or Harassment incidents, however Stalking will often focus on a person, whereas harassment will often focus on disputes. 
  • Is there evidence to suggest that if the problem was resolved, the behaviour would stop? 
  • Ask yourself - Is the behaviour fixated, obsessed, unwanted and repeated?       
What are the signs you are being Stalked?        
  • Is somebody not taking no for an answer? 
  • Are you having trouble with an ex partner? 
  • Scared of someone who won’t leave you alone? 
  • Frightened someone wants to hurt you? Are they making threats? 
  • Getting constant unwanted calls and texts 
  • Being constantly contacted online, maybe by fake profiles 
  • Are you being followed, noticed someone loitering about your home, university, or workplace
  • Are they sending you unwanted ‘gifts’ 
  • Do they seem to turn up where you are regularly
(source, Staffordshire Police, 2020) 


There are two ways you can tell us what happened