The Red Umbrella Fund:
A sex worker led, participatory fund dedicated to supporting the rights of sex workers, to ensure sex workers are respected as human beings and as workers. The Red Umbrella Fund are also working to break the stigma against being a sex worker, as well as getting laws changed and ending the discrimination harboured towards those in that line of work

National Ugly Mugs:
Offer a digital reporting and alerting mechanism to warn the sex worker communities about dangerous individuals who may target them. They also provide individualised specialist support that help to ensure sex workers have the information and resources needed to make important choices about their lives.

Stay Brave:
Although not an emergency help, but they have curated a hub of organisations that sex workers can reach out to, all of them falling into various categories such as Sexual Violence, Domestic Violence and Sex workers. If you are in an emergency they advice getting in contact with the Samaritans as well as giving the relevant contact details.

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